Lennart Regebro wrote:
>>> 5. There is also BFG, which doesn't include/build on the ZTK (as the others 
>>> do).
>> Right, it's "loosely coupled" with the ZCA, but you can throw that out too,
>> if you like?
> Chris has to answer that.

BFG uses some Zope software, like, say, Pylons uses software made by Ian 
Bicking.  This is about the best way to describe the relationship.

The fact that BFG is built on top of the ZCA is an implementation detail.  As a 
consumer of BFG (as a "programmer of a BFG application"), you aren't going to 
throw out the ZCA, because a) there'd be no reason to do so, it's an 
implementation detail that is invisible to you and b) BFG would stop working.

In the future, BFG may or may not depend on the set of Zope packages on which 
it currently depends.  It may begin to depend on more Zope packages, or fewer, 
or disuse all of them entirely.  But whatever decisions are made wrt its Zope 
dependencies, BFG will be largely backwards compatible with itself between 

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