Matthew Wilkes wrote:
> On 2010-02-06, at 1257, Charlie Clark wrote:
>> Migrating from DTML to ZPT would add weight to the "dog food"  
>> argument and
>> should be fairly straightforward. ZPT came on the scene shortly  
>> after I
>> started playing with Zope and is one of the biggest reasons for me
>> sticking with it. The ZMI is probably the last big dependent of DTML  
>> in
>> Zope 2 so it would be nice to be able to remove that dependency for  
>> Zope
>> 2.
> It seems like a lot of work for no gain.  I can think of a couple of  
> examples where DTML templates are monkey-patched in Plone and none of  
> those are anything particularly vital.  DTML works for the ZMI, new  
> pages can be written in ZPT, why bother going back and changing them  
> all?
> I mean, how often do you really need to do maintenance on the security  
> form, for example?

Although new code won't have robustness as a 10 years old very well 
tested code, security is not the issue here. IMHO, it should be very 
important to reduce the stack to provide one-- and preferably only one 
--obvious way to do things.

My concern are newcomers and technology adoption in general. My 
perception is the code was evolving among the years, finding new and 
better ways to do certain stuff, these were added into the core but most 
of the time the old way still remains. So, you usually have more than 
one way to do many things.

At the same time, it's true there's a trade-off between effort, removing 
well-tested-code and value, but if there's not a pattern-deprecation or 
component-deprecation policy, when a newcomer has to learn the 
framework, He has to spend a valuable part of the time studding how 
things did work, how some people envision it should work and from these, 
He has to deduce how it really works.

Probably, we're talking about documentation and not code, as Yusei 
Tahara suggest.

On the other hand, I hope I'm writing this mail in a right way because 
it's not my intention to make critic nor complain. I'm just trying to 
share some perceptions (not facts) from a relatively newcomer who's 
curious how Zope is made and how He can contribute to make it better.

Kind Regards


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