Thank you for the sprint report. 

I think it is great that you are working on upgrading the ZMI.

I am also turning my attention to this problem.  Clearly ZMI needs an
I need an upgraded ZMI.

Today I fired up my old version of  ZAM.  I can give you a password and
url if you want to see what it looks like.    My understanding is that
it is a well thought out upgrade for the ZMI.  Properly done with page
templates, not dtml, and pluggable.   It certainly looks nice.

Of course it has copy, cut, delete, rename, but no create. 

I also did a reinstall of the ZAM demo, but it broke.

Am I doing the wrong thing working on ZAM?  Is that consistent with the
direction others are taking on upgrading the ZMI, or should I be putting
my energy elsewhere?

If I am doing the right thing working on ZAM, perhaps the first thing I
should do is get the install working again correctly.  For that I have
to get svn access from the Zope foundation.  I presume Larry Rowe is the
release manager for Zope 4, so he is the person who signs off on the
upgrades to ZAM?

Do I understand the process correctly?  Is ZAM part of Zope 4?  Is it
the basis of the new ZMI, or is something else the new ZMI?

Christopher Lozinski

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