Op 6 feb 2012, om 17:06 heeft Christopher Lozinski het volgende geschreven:

> Very good point about different user types.   Maybe we could have
> different permissions on the different roles, and people only get to see
> their version.  Right now there is just a single ZMI permission.  At
> least in Zope 2 that was the case. 
> So I suggest we have 3 new roles.
> System Administrator, Zope Administrator, Zope Developer.
> System administrator could view the database size, pack it, and start
> and stop zope. That is about it.   Zope administrator could also move
> things around and delete things.    Maybe add a few types of objects,
> such as cache objects.  Zope developer could add arbitrary objects.
> I think this distinction would go a long way towards resolving the
> conflicts I have seen over the years about the ZMI. 

  Having different roles will help greatly yes, and even if we end up with
multiple packages that would still be a great idea to have, but again, if I 
expect (want) my users to use this browsing interface at all, why should I
load all its code when the server start ?

  That just increase the application footprint for nothing, and designing the 
ZMI in two or three packages (not 50) would solve it.

  And I am against 50 packages too, as setuptools get exponentially slower
when you load entry_points, as it check that all dependencies of your packages
are installed.



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