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> Thank you for the sprint report.
> I think it is great that you are working on upgrading the ZMI.
> I am also turning my attention to this problem.  Clearly ZMI needs an
> upgrade.
> I need an upgraded ZMI.
> Today I fired up my old version of  ZAM.  I can give you a password and
> url if you want to see what it looks like.    My understanding is that
> it is a well thought out upgrade for the ZMI.  Properly done with page
> templates, not dtml, and pluggable.   It certainly looks nice.
> Of course it has copy, cut, delete, rename, but no create.
> I also did a reinstall of the ZAM demo, but it broke.
> Am I doing the wrong thing working on ZAM?  Is that consistent with the
> direction others are taking on upgrading the ZMI, or should I be putting
> my energy elsewhere?
> If I am doing the right thing working on ZAM, perhaps the first thing I
> should do is get the install working again correctly.  For that I have
> to get svn access from the Zope foundation.  I presume Larry Rowe is the
> release manager for Zope 4, so he is the person who signs off on the
> upgrades to ZAM?
> Do I understand the process correctly?  Is ZAM part of Zope 4?  Is it
> the basis of the new ZMI, or is something else the new ZMI?

I think building a better ZMI will be important in the long run though
I'm not sure it should land in Zope 4 itself as I think it could be
too big a step for that release. I wasn't able to get zam.demo (svn
trunk) to run, so I don't have an opinion on ZAM itself at the moment.
Note that Zope 4 is based on Zope 2 rather than BlueBream so I don't
know how much of the existing work would still be applicable.

I can volunteer some time towards guiding the Zope 4 release process,
though it may be appropriate to find someone more comfortable with the
existing svn/email/launchpad toolchain to be release manager if the
consensus is to stay with that.

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