Very good point about different user types.   Maybe we could have
different permissions on the different roles, and people only get to see
their version.  Right now there is just a single ZMI permission.  At
least in Zope 2 that was the case. 

So I suggest we have 3 new roles.

System Administrator, Zope Administrator, Zope Developer.

System administrator could view the database size, pack it, and start
and stop zope. That is about it.   Zope administrator could also move
things around and delete things.    Maybe add a few types of objects,
such as cache objects.  Zope developer could add arbitrary objects.

I think this distinction would go a long way towards resolving the
conflicts I have seen over the years about the ZMI. 

What do you think? 


On 2/6/12 7:07 AM, Sylvain Viollon wrote:
> Hello,
> Op 6 feb 2012, om 10:26 heeft Lennart Regebro het volgende geschreven:
>> This is at least an important attitude.
>> I think also a future admin interface to a large extent should lose
>> many of the ZMI concepts. For example, we need several management
>> tools, like what is in the control panel at the moment. But that
>> should be separate from the browsing of objects. That browsing should
>> instead be a rather low-level ZODB browser, IMO.
>   That would be great, for my part to be able to have the management tools
> (packing and such) in a separate package than the object browsing (and even
> the object actions, if you want to keep them, I don't want them).
>   For some projects, I don't wish people to be able to browser the ZODB 
> objects
> and fucked up things by copying, renaming objects and things like that, but
> I still want them to able to access the packing screen and such tools.
>   And for this same reason, those two package should not depend on each
> others, so I say +1.
>   Regards,
>   Sylvain,

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