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On Thursday 19 January 2006 14:40, Carlos de la Guardia wrote:


I have some comments about the idea of a Zope newsletter. Though it would
be nice to have one, a newsletter may be too formal an undertaking for a
community site.

There was a time when the site presented a feature called Zope
Weekly News, where the name "weekly" comes from a loose definition of week
which refers to any period of days longer than a week and shorter than a

I think a community site that tries to do newsletters takes the risk of
going the way of ZWN. Unless someone is paid to do this, I think we better
not do it. A blog should be enough and even those aren't that easy to keep

We could also compile automatically some news items, Releases and
announcements and call them the newsletter.

i would think fits this description nicely

Good analysis, Carlos. I agree that keeping a newsletter up to date on a weekly basis is very hard to do, and it may indeed be a good idea to instead try something else that is more automatic. is indeed a good start. Luckily Michael Haubenwallner of planetzope is a datamunger, and is working on involving other sources of news, such as zope related links.

Michael, what do you think?


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