Doing nothing means that we are stuck with a broken and unmaintained Plone
1 site as our public face for awhile longer.  I don't think any of us
really want that.

I piggyback on Geoff's insightful post and say the same thing about Zwiki. It's bad marketing for the project I'm trying to grow here, forgetting about Zope for a moment.

I mailed Rob and Jim directly offering to help with an upgrade. They are the only people I know who could unblock the red tape that keeps static. No response (under their radar, I expect).

So where does this leave us ? Isn't it time to fork ? Not in the destructive bad-feeling sense. I mean isn't it up to we the community to get organized, get focussed and build what we really want, prove with running code and *happy users* that it works, and then come back to see if Zope corp. wants to point there ? I don't expect one such attempt will be enough, there should be several. I've done it once at I'd love to see some plone-based visions of

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