On 1 Mar 2006, at 23:45, Geoff Davis wrote:
The issues I am more concerned about are the social / political ones. The
signature issue is interesting, but probably surmountable -- all Plone
contributors are required to sign a contributor agreement.

But don't forget - this agreement is with what many people perceive as "big bad Zope Corporation"... I know quite a few people who would not sign it because they are paranoid about ZC.

1) If the Plone community were to be good Zope citizens and come up with some volunteers and code for an improved, interim zope.org site, would ZC

This is up for ZC to decide. If I was at ZC I would support it as long as a committed and capable subset of the Plone community (not Joe Shmoe off the street, but credible people) is willing to support the Plone side (meaning anything "above" CMF) 100%.

2) Could we get support from others in the Zope community for
infrastructure _not_ related to Plone?

I'm one of the people with a login, and I'm willing to support anything up to and including CMF.

3) Could we arrange a reasonable division of labor for systems
administration so that things can get done?

I'm sure this can be done with ZC cooperation. Personally, I'm in favor of more rather than less central control when it comes to systems administration. If you have many people who are supposed to "be responsible" then you either have all of them falling over each other when a problem occurs, or no one shows up because the assumption is that another person will pick it up.

I guess basically I'm saying "if you want to do it, then do it right, otherwise it's not worth the effort".


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