Jens Vagelpohl <jens <at>> writes:

> > 1) If the Plone community were to be good Zope citizens and come up  
> > with
> > some volunteers and code for an improved, interim site,  
> > would ZC
> > approve?
> This is up for ZC to decide. If I was at ZC I would support it as  
> long as a committed and capable subset of the Plone community (not  
> Joe Shmoe off the street, but credible people) is willing to support  
> the Plone side (meaning anything "above" CMF) 100%.

If the technology is basically the same as, which it probably will be
given that the use cases are so similar and we've learnt a ton of lessions from, I think this is pretty much a given. The one thing that makes limi
fix something faster than you can say pointrelease is when looks ugly,
and when he harasses me, I fix the PloneHelpCenter and PloneSoftwareCenter.
Wiggy keeps making PlonePAS better to support LDAP, and Geoff makes
CacheFu fly on And that's pretty much all that needs above
standard Plone. 
> > 2) Could we get support from others in the Zope community for
> > infrastructure _not_ related to Plone?
> I'm one of the people with a login, and I'm willing to support  
> anything up to and including CMF.

Again - if people were a bit more proud of, I'm sure they'd be more
inclined to fix it. At the moment, it's given that it's an embarassment, so
no-one cares if it goes from bad to slightly worse. 


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