On 1 Mar 2006, at 21:06, Simon Michael wrote:

I'd like to invite you to join the effort - but I don't want to think about forking zope.org and i immediately loose interest when you say plone.

You are maintaining a plone site right now. Wouldn't you rather maintain a supported version ?

Wrong. *No one* is maintaining that software, including Michael. He spends valuable time on the content side, as webmaster and on helping plan a better solution.

Putting aside the discussion of what software is better and what is not acceptable, the hard truth is this: Many people talk about helping do continuing maintenance, but few do. A lot are willing to propose and put in place their idea of a good solution, but very few are going all the way and standing behind that solution from that point on. Meaning maintaining the software, doing upgrades, resolving problems.

As someone who has done years and years of large-scale sysadmin work, unless the software is supported or has been chosen by the people who will have to deal with it day after day after it has been put in place it simply will not succeed. The current zope.org suffers from that same problem. It became an immediate orphan because those people who were tasked with maintaining the setup on a daily basis *hated* it from Day 1.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate everyones' ideas, and all of them have merit. But none of them have a chance of success unless they are backed by real-life people with access to the cluster and explicit willingness and commitment to support it.


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