Tom Von Lahndorff wrote:

03/22/06. Updated the homepage. Added the Zope 3 box. Created a download page. Click on "Download Zope" under "Download" in the nav.

I don't like the big digits for "2" and "3", makes those images look really garish.

On the download page, Zope 2 should be above Zope 3.

Like everything else :-)

I was also thinking that there should be a discussion board on the site like Apple's support boards. Many of the support questions answered on Apple's boards are from other customers. It's a nice one stop shop for questions and answers for those who may not want to subscribe to mailing list. It would be nice to have that option.

No, forums or mailing lists, not both.

Mailing lists are already there, so forums suck ;-)

A decent list of the lists available would rock, as would nice searchable archives. However, google and gmane take care of the latter requirement, which is hard to implement...


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