Darryl Cousins wrote:
Hi Martijn,

Sorry my response is a bit slow.
* I've got the new docs up.

Slowly we're starting to look like a real site, great! I'll do some more work on the text over the weekend.

* Menu generated from directory structure. Omitting directories with
binary files only.

* Renamed members/members.txt to index.txt (easier if we have a default
index in each directory.

* Menu title and description and page title pulled from first few lines
of text.


Code at:

I'll take a look at the code, to investigate whether we want to maintain this on svn.zope.org eventually. Are you a svn.zope.org committer, by any chance?

One thing I noticed is that the 'csv-table' directive I use doesn't work on your machine - it doesn't seem to recognize the 'tab' option for the delim setting. I think you might need a newer version of docutils? It does work on my machine.


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