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>> Justizin wrote:

> When I left, I believe NS and NS2 were both load balanced clusters of
> three large machines, which probably sit behind PrevenTier, a patented
> DoS-aversion system, now.  They may also have moved onto geographic
> load balancing.  I wouldn't really know.
>>> Tom - do you know if Rackspace's nameservers are capable of serving up
>>> a slave copy of a zone which is managed at ZoneEdit.com?
>> When I wrote that email, I was actually proposing hosting the masters
>> there. I don't mind being "DNS boy" for zope.org and I'd hope
>> rackspace's nameservers would scale to the challenge...
> If you want to do that, I don't object to losing Czar status. ;)
> I am concerned that we can't easily allow a team of people who aren't
> on your private customer account access to do this.  I'm already
> concerned that with my ZoneEdit account I can't give anyone else
> access, and was going to propose opening a Zope Foundation account
> which several people could have access to.
This is the key to using something like zoneedit - so you can share it.
> That said, concern raised, what do Martijin and others think?
If you made a 'personal' account and are then putting zope.org into that -
don't do that.  Make a 'shared' account just for zope.org
> We could still slave to Rack's nameservers.
Don't we have enough slave volunteers right now?


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