Jim Fulton wrote:
That was yesterday:

"Because zope.org is a brittle mess and I don't want to take a chance of making
 in worse.  If someone who feels that they have some grasp on that software
 wants to help me, I'd be willing to try. "

Perhaps you took so much offense at the first part of what I said,
you didn't notice the second part.

Ah. No. I didn't understand - thought you were talking about a grasp on zope.org's setup in general; and I didn't take offense at anything you said. I don't see anything offensive there and I'm sorry if I come across that way myself (but I'd rather risk a little of that than give up). Yes: I want to help you upgrade zwiki.

I don't know. Does ZWiki have any tendrils in CMF?

As far as I know, nothing that would affect CMF just from doing an upgrade.

Zwiki has a (manually invoked) upgradeAll method that adds some fields to the catalog being used by a wiki (and reindexes all pages) for better performance. I don't know which of the zope.org's wikis use a catalog, and whether they share the global catalog or have their own; if shared, this step could alter zope.org's memory usage, so I wouldn't do it right now.

Has the version
of ZWiki used on zope.org been modified in any way to work with the
CMF?  I don't know.

I believe it's standard Zwiki 0.21.1. One security patch might have been applied from a later release (the no_dtml option) ? No I think it was not.

Oh, BTW, zope.org runs some revision of the Zope 2.6 branch.
Does the latest ZWiki work with that?

No; it needs at least 2.7. You point out a problem I'd forgotten about.

The latest Zwiki that works with 2.6 is 0.28 (or 0.34 with a little extra work). That's not a huge improvement on 0.21, perhaps not worth the upgrade effort. So I guess a zope upgrade must come first.


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