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On 10/9/06, Andrew Sawyers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
INSHO it has been known for quite sometime, but people are still trying to
make progress in the only environment we can.
We can at this point only make progress by not trying to improve, but by rebuilding it part by part in a microsite
organisation, where each site is separate and can be managed and
upgraded separately.
Someone was seeking a solution, the solution I gave was quick and simple to
answer the question being asked.  Unless I'm volunteering, I won't turn
people off of trying to do *something*.

As you well know, there are no quick solutions where the existing is concerned.

I truly believe that, and will continue to repreat it like a broken
record until everybody agrees an kills me from frustration. :)
I might be willing to do that  :)

Seriously though, if all that is desired is a microsite, all we need to do
is setup a zwiki, point to it.  I believe Simon will do that?
What about existing content?  If so, lets just do it.

Come on.  Remember NANZO? It's not something you can "just do".
If you want to "just do" something, Martijn is assembling volunteers.


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