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> On 10/9/06, Andrew Sawyers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> INSHO it has been known for quite sometime, but people are still trying to
>> make progress in the only environment we can.
> We can at this point only make progress by not trying to improve
> zope.org, but by rebuilding it part by part in a microsite
> organisation, where each site is separate and can be managed and
> upgraded separately.
Someone was seeking a solution, the solution I gave was quick and simple to
answer the question being asked.  Unless I'm volunteering, I won't turn
people off of trying to do *something*.
> I truly believe that, and will continue to repreat it like a broken
> record until everybody agrees an kills me from frustration. :)
I might be willing to do that  :)

Seriously though, if all that is desired is a microsite, all we need to do
is setup a zwiki, point zwiki.zope.org to it.  I believe Simon will do that?
What about existing content?  If so, lets just do it.


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