On Jun 15, 2008, at 02:10 , Andreas Jung wrote:

There is also a weird issue with the caching. I am logged in as manager and can access all edit features for the 2.11.0 release. Then when switching to an older release package in order for copying over a newsitem as template, Ihave no options available and treated as anonymous...reloading does not help :->

I have a feeling both this and your earlier issue may be one and the same (caching-related). The caching tier was (and remains) a shared service set up by the Zope Corp admins and we have no access to it. I bet it's set up to ignore forced reloads. This may be necessary to guarantee good service performance. IMHO seeing some caching-related issues in exchange for enjoying a redundantly configured caching tier is a good tradeoff for the current site.

How this all will play with the new zope.org site isn't fully hashed out yet.


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