I have being playing with Twisted / Zope3 / FTP and I can not understand the 
ICredentialsPlugin plugins from zope.app.authentication and how it is 

  The major problem I see with them is that currently they are all HTTP based. 
So when I try and upload a file via FTP (with a username / password stored 
inside a PrincipalFolder)  my user never gets authenticated and I can't 
upload the file. Worse yet the get the following errors.

  I get a "Could not adapt", zope.publisher.ftp.FTPRequest to 
zope.publisher.interfaces.http.IHTTPApplicationRequest when using the Session 
Credentials plugin.

  An AttributeError: 'tuple' object has no attribute lower when using the Zope 
Realm Basic-Auth plugin.

  And nothing seems to happen with No Challenge If Authenticated plugin. My 
ftp client just says Could not open file for writing: Can't write file.

  Note there is no problem authenticating users defined in the 
principals.zcml file.

Michael Kerrin

55 Fitzwilliam Square,
Dublin 2

Tel: 353 (0) 87 688 3894
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