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Tonico Strasser wrote:

Philipp von Weitershausen schrieb:

I'm not so sure that this is such a good thing. ZPT seems to enforce
*guidelines* that not everyone might want to follow (e.g. if I want to
output my XHTML as c14n or something similar). For me, ZPT's HTML mode
just does too many things, most of which won't hurt to be the template
author's responsibility. I definitely consider <br/> vs. <br /> one of

You have different use cases, obviously. For me, HTML mode is a good
thing including <br/> to <br /> conversion. (I don't like to write <br
/> all the time, all our web pages are served as text/html for non-XHTML
browsers like MSIE, and we follow the compatibility guidelines from the
XHTML standard).

That's good and I agree that there should be tools that aid you in
making your HTML work better with the guidelines. But if that means
introducing weird obstacles for ZPT authors, I don't think these tools
should be part of the ZPT renderer. If you don't want to write <br />
all the time, use a "guideline compliance maker" tool (maybe xmllint
will do) and feed your template to it... Templating XML is part of ZPT's
job; I question if it should do much more at this point.

But that's why ZTPs have HTML mode, no?

I agree that it should be possible to trigger XML mode without the
prolog for use cases like yours.

That won't help because HTML mode macros and XML mode macros aren't
compatible. I really would like to see XML be the default, including
Zope 3's skin macros.

Yes, would also like to see this.


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