Philipp von Weitershausen schrieb:
Ah, good. It wasn't at all clear that you actually supported the
proposal :).

Yes, if it's still possible to trigger HTML mode. But what about
backwards compatibility if we make XML the default mode?

Well, the namespace stuff would probably account for a major breakage.
Thus, over the span of two Zope releases, XML mode could be forgiveful
when people forget to register namespace declarations. Of course, it
would render deprecation warnings.

I can't imagine a smooth transition for the other "features" of HTML
mode because they are like on/off switches. Either you convert <br/> to
<br /> or you don't. Same with <script ...></script> vs. <script ... />
and the other things.

I ask because I don't know: if I serve a ZPT page in Zope 3 in XML mode, which mime type is sent to the browser? Is this independent of the ZTP XML/HTML mode?


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