On Thu, Sep 01, 2005 at 11:56:59AM -0400, Derrick Hudson wrote:
| The ZPT processor/renderer shouldn't dictate this as it is clear that
| ZPTs can be used to create a wide variety of types of content.
| I think the content-type sent to the browser should be controlled by
| the <browser:page> directive.  The HTTP content-type is really part of
| the browser interaction and not necessarily part of the template
| processing.  <browser:page> could default to text/html or text/xml or
| whatever people decide is the most commonly desired type and include
| an attribute to override it.
| Hypothetically speaking, because I don't have any relevant experience
| to support this, a different type of view may want to use the same ZPT
| with a different content-type.  Maybe the XML-RPC or WebDAV publishers
| have different constraints and want to send application/xhtml+xml for
| a given template while the browser publisher must degrade it to
| text/html for IE.

That smells to me like we need a mime-type negotiator or something,
pretty much like we have a language negotiator for deciding which
language to use for translations.

Sidnei da Silva
Enfold Systems, LLC.

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