On Thu, Sep 01, 2005 at 06:58:42PM +0200, Tonico Strasser wrote:
> ... 
> What's your point?

Well, from reading your conversation with Philipp I got the
impression, that you wanted to say something like
"XML-Mode in PTs respectively XHTML is useless if served with
the wrong MIME type" --- You did not use the term "useless"
so I might have overinterpreted what you wrote, sorry for that.

Fact is, that XML-Mode in PTs / XHTML is *not* made useless
by any MIME-Type, the MIME-Type application/xhtml+xml 
is just another way of assuring your XHTML is correct.
Basically you are free to choose any method that helps
you write valid XHTML pages:

* that can be Zope's XML-Mode for PTs
* that can just as well be external validation
* or that can be the browser, that is unforgiving
  if serverd application/xhtml+xml

But if your XHTML is valid (e. g. if you have checked your page at
validator.w3.org) then application/xhtml+xml won't show you any
additional otherwise hidden mistakes.
The onliest thing that can make your XHTML useless is doctype
switching, say a wrong doctype or a bug that causes IE to go into
quirks mode (mentioned before).


PS: I have also just read your second answer to my E-mail and
I am glad you could make some sense of it.
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