Chris Withers wrote:
Now I just need a how-to to get me going ;-)

Real Soon Now (tm).

Oh cool, so buildbot notices changes to a branch, checks it out, builds it, runs tests? Anything else it does?

It can run any command as a of "step" (in BB parlance). It also has several specialized steps for interfacing with CVS, Subversion, etc.

How easy is it to script? I'd like to get it running on another project of mine?

All the configuration is done in Python, so that part is good. It is a little complex to get started, but not too bad.

How easy is it to have different scripts set up for different branches?
(I'd like to have Zope 2, and Zope 2 + CMF, etc)

Quite easy, we already have one set of steps for Unix-like OSs and one for Windows.

If it's running tests, how come we see no dots?

We have the verbosity turned down so any failure email messages will be more succinct.
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