Stephan Richter wrote:
On Tuesday 11 October 2005 09:36, Jake wrote:

Why not spend the time and energy making a better place
than just moving it off to yet another under-developed and utilized
website? has very different requirements than The reason
we want our own system is that we need a collaboration tool that

So this is the goal of In this case I'm not interested in it
as much as I thought. I thought we wanted to present zope 3 well to the
outside world. I'm not particularly interested a special site for the
Zope 3 proposal wiki.

[snip] will be very heavy. will be very light; a simple
Wiki-like site that promotes collaboration. Even marketing is out of
scope right now.

Can you point me to the place where this was decided? Zope 3 is urgently in need of better marketing.

Anyway, if this is indeed the plan for, I was under a few severe misapprehensions and I hereby de-volunteer.


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