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Outside the Zope community Zope 3 doesn't have such a great image indeed. It's either ignored, or it's actively rejected. There is a lot of competition with other frameworks. Zope 3 is currently not doing particularly well in this competition, something we need to fix, but that's another topic for another thread. It doesn't change that inviting in the Zope 2 developers is most effective thing we can do at present to grow the Zope 3 community.




It is a bit like this: the zope2 community wants the zope3 technology and zope3 wants the zope2 community.

I think the question about the technology should be treated as such on a technical level, by bridging the technical gap (Five, common repositories, writing tutorials for zope2 developers, collaborating on common modules, adapting zope2 concepts like TTW editing to Zope3 but without reproducing the zope2 skin and templates mess, etc).

But the question about the communities involves more complicated aspects, i.e. marketing issues, licenses, competition, strategies, etc. The repository is not the answer. This has to be solved on a higher level, Zope Foundation, updated ZPL license, ... where a social contract is agreed on.

So let's not pretend that everything can be solved on a technological level even though lots of it can ..

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