[Stephan Richter]
> ...
> Overall I agree with Jim on his comments. We have been extremely careful not
> to step on anyones toes and provide as smooth of a transition as possible.

Impending releases always create panic.  Embrace it as an opportunity
for spreading joy ;-)

> We asked repeatedly for feedback/testing and all the tests are passing
> (including ZEO).

The ZEO _tests_ set up their own asyncore mainloop.  If you think
about it, it has to be that way, else we couldn't run the ZEO tests
from a standalone ZODB checkout.

> Alone the thought that ZEO depends on the server Zope is using, makes me
> worried about ZEO; but then Jim just figured out that there is no problem. ;-)

There is a problem, but it in one sense it's shallow:  it only takes a
few lines of code to set up an asyncore mainloop ZEO is maximally
happy with.  The hard part for Jim will be figuring out where to put
them ;-)  The deeper problem is that ZEO _ever_ relied on "someone
else" to set up a mainloop; Jim sent a note about that to zodb-dev
today (ZEO should change to set up its own asyncore cruft).
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