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Fabrice Monaco wrote:
> I think that Z3 framework must have mecanism of load balancing and
> clustering,
> if in futhur it would like to develop criticals applications. Now if it
> would this, the licence if expensif.

Repeat to yourself: Zope 3 is not a load balancer, Zope 3 is not a load
balancer, Zope 3 is not a load balancer.

Zope can be happilly load balanced behind load balancers already, LVS,
Pound, Alteon and Netscalar spring to mind as ones I know of, but I know
very little about any of them.

Zope itself has ZEO to allow you to put together clusters of machines.
This has one or two issues in Zope 3, as I understand it, but they are
being worked on.

I have no idea what license you're talking about...


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