Fabrice Monaco wrote:

ZRS provides none of the services you mentioned. It *does*
provide database replication.


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Fabrice Monaco wrote:

I think that Z3 framework must have mecanism of load balancing and
if in futhur it would like to develop criticals applications. Now if it
would this, the licence if expensif.

Repeat to yourself: Zope 3 is not a load balancer, Zope 3 is not a load
balancer, Zope 3 is not a load balancer.

Zope can be happilly load balanced behind load balancers already, LVS,
Pound, Alteon and Netscalar spring to mind as ones I know of, but I know
very little about any of them.

Zope itself has ZEO to allow you to put together clusters of machines.
This has one or two issues in Zope 3, as I understand it, but they are
being worked on.

I have no idea what license you're talking about...


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