Steve Alexander wrote:
>>>>I would suggest to register the
>>>>layers like skins using a ILayerBrowserType interface:
>>>>         interface=".interfaces.I18NFeatures"
>>>>         type="zope.publisher.interfaces.browser.IBrowserLayerType"
>>>>         />
> It is simple to create a zcml directive specifically for registering a
> layer.  If there is a good reason to register layers, then I think there
> should be a zcml directive for it.

I disagree. Just because it is simple to create new ZCML directives
doesn't mean we don't have to. The less special ZCML directives there
are, the less people need to learn and the more people can reuse
reoccurring idioms. That's a good thing. If we can pass on architectural
simplifications to the developer who's writing Python and ZCML, we
should do that.

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