>>It is simple to create a zcml directive specifically for registering a
>>layer.  If there is a good reason to register layers, then I think there
>>should be a zcml directive for it.
> I disagree. Just because it is simple to create new ZCML directives
> doesn't mean we don't have to. The less special ZCML directives there
> are, the less people need to learn and the more people can reuse
> reoccurring idioms. That's a good thing. If we can pass on architectural
> simplifications to the developer who's writing Python and ZCML, we
> should do that.

I see what you're saying.

I didn't explain where I'm coming from.  I think that the ZMI is really
a separate product than the core of Zope 3.  This is a controversial
position to hold.

>From that position, I think that if the ZMI product wants to define its
own ZCML to make doing ZMI-related things easy, then it should.

I understand from this discussion that registering layers is needed only
for certain ZMI things, to be implemented later on.  So, I guess the
ZCML will be implemented later on, or not implemented later on.  In
either case, later on.

Steve Alexander
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