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are really attributes of foo.  In ZCML, this might have been:


Except this breaks down in the case of ZConfig <multikey> elements,
which allow configuration like this:

    x = 1
    x = 2
    y = 3

Maybe.  My thought that this might be handled by
cheating in the sax events. (Or maybe we shouldn't
exactly do sax events.)  In the event that says "here's
a tag named 'foo'", we'd provide a list for the value of
x.  Or we could do separate events for each option.
I think we definately need separate events for top-level

There are also ways to arrange configuration like this:


Really?  Is this documented anywhere?  Is it used anywhere?

So the mapping between ZCML and ZConfig isn't entirely obvious to me.

Agreed.  I didn't mean to suggest that it was obvious.  I do think
it's possible.  I expect crafting this mapping will be part of the
implementation excercise.

Another issue is that it seems that it is possible for a ZConfig
configuration file to include configurations for multiple aplications.
At least I think that was an original goal.  I know that, for Zope and ZEO,
a single file is used for zdaemon and application options.  Presumably
an application ignores options it doesn't use, but I don't understand how
this works.


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