Martijn Faassen wrote:
Jim Fulton wrote:

I think that the way the server and app are integrated needs to be rethought.

I think we need to look at how to leverage Paste Deploy in Zope.

I hate to mention this with all of the discussion about ZConfig, but
we should probably consider using PasteDeploy as an alternative to
ZConfig. (Jim ducks.) Alternative, we should redo the Zope 3 ZConfig
schema to work with the Paste Deploy APIs. Obviously, if we do the
later, I'd prefer to do so after we've decided how we're going to
reimplement ZConfig.

In the short term, you might try teasing out the app and server from
Zope and see if you could wire them up with Paste Deploy.

Just dropping in randomly to add a +1 on investigating Paste Deploy for
Zope 3. Granted, it still mystifies me, but I'm starting to sense a
common system for deploying web applications in there, and it might be
yet another piece of the web application puzzle that Zope doesn't need
to be concerned with anymore in the future, or at least it will be a piece of the puzzle that can be shared with other projects.

Yup.  I'll note:

- Paste deploy is still pretty young

- It certainly isn't powerful enough to deal with everything we currently
  deal with in ZConfig.  Fir example, it only deals with HTTP servers,
  because that's all WSGI deals with.

Nevertheless, it is something we should work with. At a minimum,
Zope should work with Paste Deploy and apps designed to work
with Paste Deploy should work with Zope.

Also, on a related note, I've been somewhat impressed lately
with the way people have been able to twist ConfigParser beyond
its apparent capabilities in both Paste Deploy and in our prototype
buildout system.  In particular, we've been able to create hierarchical
sections by introducing the equivalent of path separators in section

Another interesting contrast between ConfigParser and both ZCML and ZConfig
is that in ZCML and ZConfig, much processing is perfomed as the file is
parsed.  This means that the meta configuration (or ZConfig schema or
components) has to be able to handle everything in an input file.  In
ConfigParser processing is typically performed when data are pulled from
the file.  This makes it easier for a file to contain information for
multiple applications and have an application extract just the information it
needs.  This was an unrealized goal of ZConfig.


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