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No, we're still confused. Templates and scripts are code. Should they be in ZODB? Grrr, I hope not. I don't want to suffer that pain, fssync or no fssync. I invented the CMF skins tool primarily to pull a lot of templates and scripts out of ZODB. I invented Ape to pull them *all* out. Now I'm having trouble convincing myself to use Zope 3 because the problem has to be solved somehow yet again!

I'm slightly confused too... when are you putting scripts and scripts in the ZODB? The books I read didn't tell me to do so ....

User interfaces speak louder than books. Start up Zope 3, log in as a manager, and look at the list of things you can add. It includes DTML Page, File, Image, Python Page, SQL Script, and ZPT Page. I suggest that no one should be invited to create these kinds of objects in ZODB; it's a road to misery. We need rip them out and develop another way to fulfill the use cases they represent.

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