Stephan Richter wrote:
On Friday 17 February 2006 19:03, Shane Hathaway wrote:

There is the WebDev effort that demonstrates some TTW development
features that are actually applicable to Zope 3. Since WebDev
concentrates on doing components, the results can later be easily
exported to a filesystem package.

What is the WebDev effort?  Is it an application?  A company?  An event?

It is an experimental package to implement TTW development functionality for Zope 3.

Roger is currently doing some development with it, since he has a need for a customer.

Warning: The package is a little bit like the Wild West!

That sounds useful. In fact, doesn't this mean that we can safely move all TTW template and script authoring from Zope 3 into WebDev, where WebDev is a separately installable application?

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