Geoff Davis wrote:
Jeff Shell has posted some thought-provoking pieces on his blog that are
relevant to Jim's recent attempt to better articulate a vision for Zope:

Griddle *Noise* and thats exactly what it is... noise.

He is probably following the discussions on the lists, and then he is publishing his view on them on his blog instead of participating in the dicsussion.

We have probably all seen the Ruby On rails in 15 minutes video, where they showcase their take on nineties web technology.

I could probably do one that is a lot more impressive with an UML tool, Plone, archetypes and ArchgenXML. And it would most likely last 10 minutes... if I talked very very slowly.

But that is not the point. He rants about Rails. But what are the visions of rails? I don't see that anywhere on their website either.

He is just another developer who wants Zope to consists of only those elements that he is insterrested in.

In other words. Just like the rails, people he wants the freedom to reinvent the wheel. Poorly.


hilsen/regards Max M, Denmark
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