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Jim Fulton wrote:

Log message for revision 65931:
 Redeprecated a number of things that didn't generate warnings
 before. Sigh. Also fixed all the depecation warnings generated by
 running the zope.component tests.


Added: Zope3/branches/jim-adapter/src/zope/component/

I'm certain that the stuff in this file was already deprecated (and
generated deprecation warnings), so I think we can definitely get rid of
it and don't need to keep it around.

I didn't see evidence of deprecation warnings.  These methods didn't
generate warnings.  The code:

  from bbb import *


  from bbb import x, y, ...,

is, sadly, quite common and generates no warnings.  The fact that
deprecating these now with warnings generates tens or hundreds of
new deprecation warnings supports my case.

It's actually even worse though.  Many things that are deprecated also
provide implementation that non-deprecated code relies on. :(
I have some pending work now in which I have to sort this sort of thing

This is going to take quite a bit of work to sort out.

If someone else wants to try and sort this out, I'm willing to
suspend work on my adapter branch until it's done.

I'll note that have have only about a month and a half until
the May 1 feature freeze.


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