Jim Fulton wrote at 2006-3-15 07:29 -0500:
> ...
>Magic always has the downside that it
>hides things.  Often, as in the case of garbage collection, the benefit
>outweighs the cost.  Too often though, people introduce magic
>(aka abstraction, indirection, automation) when the benefit doesn't
>justify the hiding.  One should always approach magic with skepticism.

Neither costs nor benefits are objective but subjective.

  For me, when I repeat the same sequence for about half
  a dozen of times, I am crying out for an abstraction
  (if possible with a well chosen name) that gets rid
  of the repetition.

  I am rarely interested in details and am happy when
  lots of them are hidden -- that's no cost but benefit.

  Well chosen names give me enough "feeling" about the overall
  effect that I rarely need to dig into the details.

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