Hi there,

Let's come up with a plan for widgets. We have a very nice widget system in Zope 3, but it's not perfect. There are a bunch of things that could be improved:

* the widgets are hanging out in dusty zope.app.form.browser. Perhaps it's time to move them into zope.widget? Not even in a browser subdirectory - after all, zope.widget is all about the browser!

* there are various widget registrations missing. We should make sure to register them.

* Jim tells me "Don't look at SimpleInputWidget, it's too complicated". This sounds wrong and zope2-like; something called Simple that's too complicated. We need to figure out how to make that story less complicated.

* sources and terms are nice, but we should at least provide some basic sources and register some basic terms for them; that bit is completely missing in Zope 3 right now. People should be able to at make a simple drop-down widget happen without having to figure out how to tie all these components together - they should just import and use the right source, perhaps import, use, and register the right term, and there they go.

* there are widgets missing. Lots of people have useful widgets. Extensions with more widgets are very nice, but let's provide lots of useful widgets in zope.widget, too.

Are people interested in developing a plan to tackle these issues? If some of us chip in we may get somewhere.


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