On 3/16/06, Martijn Faassen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> * Jim tells me "Don't look at SimpleInputWidget, it's too complicated".
> This sounds wrong and zope2-like; something called Simple that's too
> complicated. We need to figure out how to make that story less complicated.

Basically, it tries to be easily overrideable by create a whole host
of methods that doesn't exist on other widgets, which you then can
override. That basically makes no sense, if there is a function that
should be easily overrideable, it should exist on a basic widget.

> Are people interested in developing a plan to tackle these issues? If
> some of us chip in we may get somewhere.

Are widgets tied to schema fields now? I have the feeling they are,
but maybe not. If they are, they should be more decoupled.

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