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Jeff Shell wrote:
> On 3/16/06, Tres Seaver <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>Hmm, another case where high-level ZCML support would be useful:
>>defining simple terms for a vocabulary.  Why should somebody who wants
>>to tweak a vocabulary have to edit software?  E.g.:
>> <vocabulary name="philosophers">
>>  <term id="plato">Plato</term>
>>  <term id="aristotle">Aristotle</term>
>>  <term id="kant">Immanuel Kant</term>
>> </vocabulary>
>>Of course, we could also keep the vocabularies in another data file, and
>>merely have the high-level directive "source" it:
>> <zope:vocabulary
>>    name="philosophers"
>>    file="philosophers.csv"
>>    />
> If - and only if - and really really really really really only if -
> you mean to do this, fix the HELL up the vocabulary registration
> stuff. That's where most of my time got lost when I had that debugging
> session the other week that pissed me off to no end about ZCML. I have
> no idea how I fixed my situation either.
> By the way, isn't it pretty easy to provide straight up values anyways
> for those quick drop-down situations?

<snip Python example>

You're missing the point -- the vocabulary is *not* software, and Python
is *completely* the wrong place to define it:  it is *pure* policy.  THe
fact that you are administering all the sites you build blinds you to
this fact.

My examples move the definition of the vocabulary out into integrator /
administratof land, which is where they belong.

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