Kamal Gill wrote:
> Stability is especially important for those of us learning Zope 3, as
> well as those who offer Zope 3 training.  I realize Z3 is a fast-moving
> target, but making existing books and documentation obsolete doesn't
> help the adoption of such a fantastic collection of software, IMO.

I also write on Zope 3 and train people. *All* of my recent attempts to
make ZCML clearer and easier to understand comes from *direct* feedback
from these trainings and from the readers of my book.

ZCML as of Zope 3.2 is inconsistent and to someone who's new and doesn't
know every little detail from behind the scenes it's very obscure. And
then it also makes debugging hard which has bitten me personally quite a
few times. I explained this is a reply to Rocky Burt in this thread:

Now, would you rather make an attempt to document the inconsistent (and
hard to maintain, not to forget!), or wouldn't you rather make an
attempt at fixing the damn thing?


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