Florent Guillaume wrote:
> Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
>> Thanks to everyone who commented on the first versions of this proposal.
>> People seem to object changing the old directives. I respect that.
>> I've therefore changed the proposal to introduce *new* directives. See
>> http://dev.zope.org/Zope3/TheBrowserPageCompromise once again. 
> If this will be the recommended way of doing things, I'd hate to have a
> "browser2" forever or even for the next year. This is just ugly.

It's not pretty, I give you that.

> I'd prefer to user either a clean new prefix,

Got any idea? I certainly couldn't come up with anything better than
browser2 :).

> or a new name in the browser namespace, for example <browser:publish>.

Hmmmm. On one hand this makes the purpose of the thing that's registered
a bit clearer (published pages vs. unpublished views). On the other
hand, <browser2:page> goes nicely hand in hand with
zope.publisher.browser.BrowserPage and IBrowserPage. And we've been
calling these things pages for the longest time as well...

>> Note that I'm not mentioning deprecation of the old directives
>> which doesn't mean I want to do it. Here is a poll:
>> * Should the old directives be deprecated? (I think so)
> Yes.
>> * When should that happen? (I'd say now, meaning Zope 3.3)
> ASAP. Dynamic class generation sucks.
>> * When should they disappear? (I'd say in Zope 3.5)
> 1 year after deprecation as usual.

Thanks for your comments

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