Dieter Maurer wrote:
Jean-Marc Orliaguet wrote at 2006-5-30 12:01 +0200:
although -- while thinking about it, putting the domain name in .po files breaks the separation on concerns between translators and application developer. Translators shouldn't have to worry about translation domains. That's application specific.

Are you sure? In my view the translation domain is vital for translators --
as the domain guides the correct translations.

For example, in German we have the word "Bank".
It may mean "bench" or "bank", depending on the translation domain.

But it is the application that eventually sets the domain name to use, based on the context. Translators have no control over it, since they have no control over page templates or over python code.

My view is that the translations can still be stored in different folders (one per translation context as you mentioned) and the domain can be set in ZCML during the configuration of the application for an entire folder, globally.

Hence, the translators are only concerned with putting translations into folders ('business_terms', 'furniture', ...), no matter what the domain name will be called.

In this way, changing a domain name or creating a new one is done once, instead of being done for each po files.

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