Fred Drake wrote at 2006-9-5 15:03 -0400:
>On 9/5/06, Dieter Maurer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> When I remember right, then I read an important sentence in the
>> Python style guide -- something along the lines: "This is a guide:
>> you should follow it but there are occasions when you may not do so with
>> good reasons."
>I don't know if this means you agree or not.

I agree that we do not need to adopt the Python style guide
for Zope3 development.

>I don't think this paragraph really applies to this discussion.  Jim
>suggested that we change the Z3 style guide, and I'm suggesting that
>that's counter-productive.

But, if some component (such as "formlib") entered the Z3 core
and it follows more the Python style guide then the Z3 style guide,
then this would not mean we have to change this component's API
(just to get it more in line with the Z3 style guide).

I think this openess was what Jim suggested (and I agree with)

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