yuppie wrote:
I volunteer to backport some fixes I'm missing in Zope 3.2, but that's no general solution for keeping the current stable branch maintained.

I think you bring up a very good point. Of course this also implies new Zope 2 release which include bugfix releases of Zope 3.2. It needs to become very clear who the point of contact is for maintenance issues, and some guidelines about backporting bugfixes might also be useful. In the Zope 2 world it's clear it's Andreas Jung, but unfortunately it's a bit more difficult in the Zope 3 world at this point in time.

With the start of the Zope Foundation we also have the opportunity to consider such issues. Jim will shortly start a discussion concerning the Zope Management Organisation. Perhaps we can come up with something concerning maintainership and maintenance policy that we all like.


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