as we're running late already on Zope 3.3 and also running into the
original alloted time for 3.4, I've taken a minute to update the RoadMap

As far as I understand the grand plan for Zope 3.4 is the eggification.
I don't see any proposal attached to that, but we better get this
rolling if we want a somewhat timely 3.4 release.

I also propose to favor a smaller but timely 3.4 release. Philipp made
the suggestion to ignore 3.4 in December and move it to the next release
cycle, but I'm against that because we can make a smaller release much
easier than a release that is even larger.

Another option that would be possible, but would cripple innovation
eventually, is to postpone 3.4 but keep the feature set as small as

Anyway, we have to agree on a change of deadlines for 3.4, as the alpha
would be this week.


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