Roger Ineichen wrote:
Hi Martijn
Subject: [Zope3-dev] Re: [SpringCleaning07]

By the way, I'm quite interested in seeing whether we can integrate Genshi into Zope 3 and Grok as a templating language. It has some interesting ways to do things, and there's quite a bit of momentum behind it.

I saw the Grok package but what is Genshi? Can you point me to a link?

Inspired by Kid (in turn among others inspired by ZPT), the main template language of TurboGears, written by the people who also created Trac, and it seems to be getting traction. TurboGears among others is going to adopt it, but also things like the creator of SQLAlchemy (and Myghthy) spending time optimizing it, etc. It's close enough to ZPT to be palatable to me, and has some nice features for reuse.

If we're going to get out of the server business we could also consider getting out of the template language business. :)



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