Andreas Jung wrote:

because Zope 2.10.2+ will use unicode as internal representation for
page templates I am currently checking the options to get rid of
UnicodeDecodeErrors for Zope 2.11 by providing some more intelligent
conversion of non-unicode content. Basically I want if the content returned by expressions within a page template if unicode or non-unicode. If it is non-unicode it would be converted based on some policy (to be specified) to unicode. This would avoid any kind of UnicodeDecodeError (hopefully). This there a central place in the ZPT code were the evaluated expressions are inserted into the rendered HTML or some internal datastructure used for rending the ZPT? I just need to know where to look at but I have no idea so far :-)

This kind of automagic unicode error defeating logic scares me. With Silva, we have a significant Zope 2 application that already takes care to output unicode to the page template engine. For a while we were using PlacelessTranslationService which has some hacks in place to do automagic conversion from unicode to an encoding. Granted this is the opposite direction than you are proposing, and my intuition is that your direction may be less scary, but I'm still scared. Not having unicode errors can make debugging of pure-unicode applications harder. Bugs sneak in pretty easily and you end up with non-pure content.

I'd therefore like it if there were a way, application-root specific, to turn off any auto-conversion behavior. Do you think that would be possible?



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