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On 1/2/07, Stephan Richter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
On Wednesday 20 December 2006 16:03, Jeff Shell wrote:
> > > > zope.fssync
> It's too bad that this seems to have gone unfinished. The biggest pain
> (well, one of the big pains) we experience with Zope 3 is the lack of
> anything like Zope 2's export/import. Or, going further back,
> 'manage_exportHack'. :). This is a side topic and I'm not going to
> elaborate further except to beg for some low to medium level
> export/import capability. It seems that fssync was one of the
> alternatives, or could be, if I recall correctly.

The question is why you need it. zope.fssync was originally developed
for TTW development via the filesystem. I think this use case has gone
away. What use cases do *you* have for using fssync?

More than anything, we need export/import, ala Zope 2. If my memory
serves, 'fssync' was often described as the Zope 3 replacement for it
when I brought it up in the past.

In Zope 2, export/import was often used by us as a release mechanism:
export a folder/site from a development instance, import it into a
production instance. Since we don't really do much in the way of
"through the web" development in the Zope 3 era, this hasn't been a
terribly critical feature. However, we do large CMS based web sites
and sometimes have sub-sections or sites that we need to build up in
house with lots of graphic design, customer sign-off, etc, that then
needs to be integrated with the existing production servers. For these
purposes, I don't really care what the exported / sync'd files look
like. I'd just like to be able to move elements from one machine /
instance to another without having to replace the entire Data.fs file.

And again, if memory serves, it seemed like fssync was often pitched
as the potential answer to this situation. But it was pretty clear to
me back then that fssync's development had stalled. I didn't have the
time to contribute (hell, I barely get time to check GMail any more),
and haven't had the time to look into our own solution, so we just
blunder-force our way through these particular deployment scenarios.
Fortunately we've had only to deal with a few such cases.

Jeff Shell
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